October 2009: Beautiful Lost Things

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Beautiful Lost Things (mp3, 128kbps)

Dear friends,

As promised, we're continuing along the fall-time in melancholic tunes. Not as deeply wrapped in seas of sound as last month, but in distinctly autumnal tones.

This month, we bring you Beautiful Lost Things - a song about things lost in life and the ontological dilemmas involved.

This time we're also featuring a guest musician! The wonderfully wistful accordion track was performed in his kitchen in the middle of a renovation hell by our very own booking agent, Petteri Eeva of Ohjelmatoimisto Pommilaukka. Thanks a lot Petteri!

It might also be noteworthy to mention that this month is pretty exciting for us in many many ways as we're involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. We wrote and produced a track called "You Don't Know Tomorrow" for an artist called Bääbs, who most of you know as Päivi from Tv-resistori. The song is shortlisted with 29 other tracks in the open qualifiers for the Finnish finals.

You can listen to You Don't Know Tomorrow on YLE's Eurovision website.

We're really really excited, even if ESC isn't what it used to be when France Gall took the prize in 1965 with Serge Gainsbourg's amazing "Poupée de cire, poupée de son"!


Riku Kärkkäinen / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


where are all those lost things
that have slipped out of our view
places that have vanished
plans that fell through

we can sense how they still linger
in the twilight world
stuck between love and oblivion
and in our dreams
where we are lonely ghosts
who always cling
to beautiful lost things

this is not nostalgia
it's purely ontological
existence is much more than we understand

underneath the layers
of our reality
there's a place for things that have slipped through the cracks
and are waiting still
a secret land within
where we can be kings
of all beautiful lost things

and everybody's saying
that nothing that we do or say
can bring them back again
but as long as we don't forget
they'll wait for us there
all beautiful lost things

nothing is lost


Loistavaa materiaalia,

Loistavaa materiaalia, muistuttaa tietyllä tapaa Wonderabilian biisejä. Ainoa valituksen aihe on mm. alussa olevat plimplom-äänet jotka kovimmillaan alkavat särkeä korvia. Voisiko niitä kovia, korkeita kirkkaita vahdata vastaisuudessa pikkuisen? Harmittaa penteleesti kun loistavaa biisiä joutuu kuuntelemaan matalammalla volalla ettei korvat hajoa : /


Great song, bass line

Great song, bass line combined to the accordion really takes the breath away.


Thanks! Remember to catch

Thanks! Remember to catch that lost breath after you're done with the song, though.


An excellent tune - and one

An excellent tune - and one of Rikus's most poetic moments, a great message and beautifully put into words. This is the Viola I strongly cling to, "my" Viola so to speak - but luckily, due to your variety in terms of sound and lyrics, there's a piece for everyone ;) May the inspiration keep flowing!


The accordion rules! Would

The accordion rules!

Would have preferred slower beats but it's good this way too:)


Ensin en meinannut saada

Ensin en meinannut saada tästä mitään irti, mutta alkoihan se tuttu sydänjuurien kuristus jo parin kuuntelukerran jälkeen. Hyvä pojat!


On kyllä pirun tyylikäs tuo

On kyllä pirun tyylikäs tuo haitari - eikä loppukaan kappale yhtään sen pahempi. Hienoa materiaalia.


Nice tune and excellent

Nice tune and excellent lyrics. Like the accordion as well, quite charming!

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