November 2009: No Connection

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Hi everybody!

To conclude our autumnal triptych of holy melancholy, we present to you a track by the name of No Connection, which might lyrically be one of the darkest Viola tracks yet, so it's fitting we're releasing it on All Hallows' Eve.

Musically it falls under the same category as our other previous more cinematic efforts, like Never Cease To Wonder, Ada Bell (In A Montage) and Planet Struck. To top things off, the song has 9 parts but not a single one of them repeats the same vocal melody. Furthermore, the instrumentation is built with the idea that once an instrument enters the picture, it has to stay in until the end of the song, building layer after layer after layer of intertwining melodies and harmonies. So if you got bored of our over-the-top pop antics in the summer, I hope these autumn weepies have provided you with enough contrast to bear through another summer of carefree euphoria that's inevitably looming in the future.

Oh, and by the way, the melodic kick drum is a total rip-off from Kanye West's amazing 808s and Heartbreak album. I really recommend you check that album out without prejudice.

But anyway, hope you like this one. Next month we'll yet again be back with something very very different. Something we haven't done in 5 years... But first, let us know how you like this one!


Riku Kärkkäinen / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


no connection
can't get through
inside the box
no space to move
stuck in the night
with this lonely sound
there's no connection
there's no way out

isolation creeping in
yet it gets too crowded
within the skin

no connection
time stops soon
I hibernate in this steel cocoon
cut off from life
and the line is torn
there's no connection anymore

when you're left with just your thoughts
captured by the walls
you start to wonder
if there is a world at all
even the boy in the bubble
was able to see through
and the love leaked in
and the started to bloom

no connection
no rainbow
no sky up above
no breeze of hope
claustrophobic inner voice
too much information
head filled with noise

no connection
the line is dead
tangled around my throat instead
communication cut off like claws
of a tamed old beast in it's time-worn cage

but there's a message coming through
I can feel it in the air
how can it be true
if there's no connection
a signal pushing through
emerging from the noise
the air is getting thin
there's still no connection

everyone needs protection from themselves sometimes
so I drift into sleep
when amber light illuminates I am connected
but until then there's no connection
no connection
no connection
no connection

nothing else could get through
couldn't pierce it's way into this non-room
nothing else could get through
what if all this time I was waiting for - - - - -


I really, really like this

I really, really like this track. I could listen to it for ten times in a row.

There is something missing from the lyrics:

"and the love leaked in
and the [world] started to bloom"


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Hi guys, just to let you know that you are on the DarkCompass playlist this week, be sure to check it out by clicking the logo below.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to play your music.


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Whoooaaa! Se kasvoi upeasti!

Whoooaaa! Se kasvoi upeasti! Ja miten visuaalinen biisi! saa odotella jotain ehkä sarjista taas. ;) Ainakin mulla se heitti kuvia päähän...tosta sais niiiiin hienon musiikkivideon!!
ps. Tommi, päästä se Riku sieltä kaapista välillä pois.


Taidankin tietää mitä

Taidankin tietää mitä loppuillan soittolista pitää sisällään :).

(Tai no, tuo .rar ei näköjään sisälläkään tätä kappaletta, vaikka se tuolla tracklistissä lukee)


I really like the idea and

I really like the idea and the arrangement of "No Connection" as a cheerless tale set to music. Once again, Riku's lyrics tie the whole piece greatly together, and give it a dimension that most other band's music lacks. Seriously, the lyrical aspect (even though I always found them outstanding) seems to get better and better. Apparently, the monthly deadlines have a positive effect on creativity in your case :)
However, the monotonous beginning is nicely done and Riku's bored, kinda lame-sounding voice fits somehow, but then again, to me it doesn't sound very good. The lower tunes, the mixture between speaking and singing where sometimes the right tune isn't stricken doesn't attract me much, to be honest. The higher, melodic voice feels much more natural as far as I'm concerned ;) Anyway, along with "Nobodylovers" and "Beautiful Lost Things" your best track @ the Music Club, both lyric- and musicwise! Thanks, guys. You truly are an enrichment for today's music scene.


Hi Hendrik! Thanks a lot for

Hi Hendrik! Thanks a lot for the analysis and I have to agree that the lyric here really sets the tone. However with the very barren beginning, all the out-of-tune stuff going on is very much intentional as we wanted the arrangement to really support the lyric, so by making the singing in the start really really sound estranged and bleak and by putting in some of the worst takes I really feel that was accented. Also, I intentionally picked the phrases so that they get better all through the first vocal part, so the first lines are way out of key, but it starts gradually improving, further playing into the build-up of the track.


Whoah, I'm sucker for stuff

Whoah, I'm sucker for stuff that builds up like this. Also I love all the different instruments + vocal lines on this, so easily one of my favourites by you! Great stuff!




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