August 2010: Traitor On The Inside

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Traitor On The Inside (mp3, 128kbps)

Hey everybody!

August seems to be Finnish Indie Appreciation month here at Viola Music Club. Last year we did a cover of Tv-resistori and this year we're having a go at the brilliant Traitor On The Inside by Red Carpet.

Red Carpet sadly disbanded in 2007 but just prior to doing that, they released a semi-postumous ep called 'The Band They Couldn't Hang' that featured a very very nice cover of our song Sad Eyed Disco Dancers.

Luckily even though Red Carpet is no more, their spirit lingers on in other bands of Petri, Veli, Olli and Samuli: Nopat, Wonderminers and many more. Stay tuned for the Wonderminers debut album later this year!

For more Red Carpet, visit their MySpace page or go to where you can now download their entire amazing 2nd album The Noise Of Red Carpet for free!


Petri Nakari
Petri Nakari



come and see my beautiful country
where the lights go out at six in the evening
the winter can leave you depressed and freezing
and the summer won't melt the northern heart
traitor on the inside

I got friends in high places
they owe me one to make me faceless
I can speak and remain nameless
I'll disappear into the air
traitor on the inside
won't you let me out

there's a heart that's always aching
left alone and thrown out for breaking
a heart so strong that it will go on
long after our world is gone
traitor on the inside
won't you let it out
let it out


amazing cover! ...i keep

amazing cover! ...i keep thinking i can't love Viola any more than i do, but every month i realize i was so wrong.


Thanks a lot, Kiki! We'll do

Thanks a lot, Kiki!

We'll do our darndest to keep up the love!


Söpöö!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Söpöö!!!!!!!!!!! <3




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