February 2011: The Loners

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The Loners (mp3, 128kbps)

This month we're going retro and organic. Mellow and profitable.

We present to you a gem from the very dawn of the 21st century, an early Viola gem by the name of The Loners.

This song has never been recorded before, but had it's place in our live sets in the pre-Tearcandy era.

As for the arrangement, we were challenged earlier this month by an avid French listener by the name of Colville Petipont to actually make more organic and acoustic music. We didn't quite match his challenge, but went as far that road as we're willing to venture at this point: there's no MIDI in this track, no programming, no sampling, no synths... only organic and acoustic instruments that we've played ourselves. Glockenspiel, melodica, pizzicato-violin, harmonica, tom-tom, harmonium, acoustic guitar etc. Obviously with heavy editing and such, but still played by us.

We hope you like it!


Riku Kärkkäinen / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


hey, now they ride
like loners do
into the sunset
and all night through
but in the morning
they fall asleep
dreaming of the ones
they'll never meet

and they ride on
like loners do
out of the picture
and into the blue
but in the evening
they fall in love
when for an instant
they drop their guard

and nothing can make them feel so alone
not drifting away from the world
not keeping their heart locked so long
and not hearing somewhere
the saddest song

nothing can make them feel so alone
as when they fall in love
like loners do


"Tästä kyl oli parempi versio

"Tästä kyl oli parempi versio se 2001 YO-talolta sanelukoneelle", NO EI VAINES. Hienoa saada tää nyt, kun ihmetytti joskus Tearcandyltä ja setistä tippuminen. Tämä versio muuten kuulostaa Death in Junelta. Aika villiä. Hei, kevättä, rakkauden rakit!


Rakkautta Tampereelle,

Rakkautta Tampereelle, sanelukoneelle ja Burtin apinakamulle.


A carefully crafted song, and

A carefully crafted song, and a good version.


Voi, mua kävi ihan itkettää.

Voi, mua kävi ihan itkettää. Tällä lähtee päivä herkästi käyntiin.


Hyvä! The Lollers.


The Lollers.

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