June 2011: Heartstring Theory

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Heartstring Theory (mp3, 128kbps)


That's all we can say.

This month's track is way way different (even from the previous way way different ones) than any of our previous tracks. This one is just Riku singing with 6 of the most amazing viola-players in the WORLD. Now how cool is that?!

After last year's Viola's Day we were approached by a group of viola-players (as in the instrument) that had had the same idea as we had in the hazy days of early 00's: celebrate the nameday of Viola. After they realized we had done it far too many times before as well, they suggested we join forces. We did. This is the first fruit of that collaboration and on Friday at Semifinal in Helsinki, we'll provide 6 more tracks of our material interpreted by these amazing talents.

Jussi Tuhkanen
Atte Kilpeläinen
Pisku Ristiluoma
Lilli Maijala
Lotta Poijärvi
Martta Tolonen

Ilai Rämä

Arrangement / Composition


Riku Kärkkäinen / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


how to keep reaching for
the most inmost core
the stuff we're all made of
if a minuscule particle
contains a universe

when the bow hits the string
that keeps this all in place
it ends as it begins
it makes our hearts vibrate

filling the harmony
of a unified theory
macroverse on a string

and we keep looking for
the ultimate score
to play music in ten dimensions
that flows like spacetime waves
causing that secret tension
that makes our hearts vibrate
it makes our hearts vibrate
it makes our hearts vibrate
it makes our hearts vibrate

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