June 2009: A Decade

This month we've got something very special for you good people: a musical and lyrical retrospective on the first 10 years of Viola!

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A Decade (mp3, 128kbps)


Riku Kärkkäinen / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


summer 1999 - a new name and a new start
after years in a Lieksa basement with cassettes full of sound
just me and Esa, then Ville joined in
next January Anu came to play the keys
first clumsy gig in April thanks to Maxine
we were lost in a forest, played beneath the cathedral
and as Ville left and the door slammed we continued as a trio
a winter session in Hinthaara, silver glitter glue with Virpi
then the acronymic EP and some gigs but not that plenty
our laptop drummer had been kind of neat
but then Tommi joined to add some force to the beat

our little momentum
under the mountain blue
our candies made of tears
won some hearts, got some cheers
under the wings of Cranes
first little tour felt great
Henkka came to do our sound
first just for those shows
then more shows
after shows

Hermann The German packed with such great plans
a shared EP and many shared stages with Iconcrash
from Moscow nights to Honkapaari fights, Petersburgian Christmas lights
disco melancholy made by a duo inside the quartet, almost waiting to burst out
and eventually in July '05 songs ended with goodbyes

thanks Esa, you're the best
thank you Anu and sorry once more
("what happened to Viola?")

we cast ourselves into unknown waters
anything could have stopped us
a simian mentor and the hidden animals
all night sessions with bad prank calls
thanks to Sami and Tuomas the show still went on
Via Dollarosa, "the perfumed letter"
a fashion show, a marathon, a masquerade
the strangest Viola's day with Tommi in the USA

a collection of wonders
the last of Tapanila sessions
"super couple of all times" watched too many times
so it was just the two of us with Henkka on the road
at the zoo with a rabbit and a cat, a squirrel and three rats
and that smelly Mambo tour, fun trips with Respa and Black Audio
then in September '08, the saddest news broke through:
Henkka was gone - we miss you, our beautiful friend

in 2009 we finally set our songs unbound
they may not fly too far but at least they have a chance
when the last song's gone you're on your own
so transmit the code to all friends unknown
'cos the smallest song can make someone sing
ghosts of chances past - set yourself free
and we keep coming back 'cos we owe love
we are Viola and it's been A Decade

We'd like to thank the following:

Our parents, Esa, Henkka, Anu, Sami, Tuomas, Ville, Päivi, Teemu, Minerva, Julius, Arttu, Virpi, Mari, Jussi A., Mikko and If Society, Petteri and Pommilaukka, Martti and Jupiter, Nina, Jussi L., Mikko O., Niko J., Marko, Jarkko, Roudi, Szarapow, Ilai, Heikki, Vilunki 3000, Tuukka, Janne, Leevi, Petri, Artemi, Jari, Aija, Jaani, Laura, Niko L., Niksu, Vesku and Miia, Jaana, Soila, Lotta and Mila, Maija and Pauliina, Leena Lehtinen, Avi, Tukeva family, Samu, Sari, Jan, Pitkämies, Jokke, Ossi, Hemppa, Mauri and Vilma, Cranes, Iconcrash, TV Resistori, Black Audio, Red Carpet, Ultrasport, I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper, Regina, 80th Disorder, Ultranoir, Varjo, Angelica Kult, Hannulelauri, Boys Of Scandinavia, Ultramariini, Echo Is Your Love, Hero Dishonest, Sissy Spacek, I Walk The Line, Baby Sweetcorn, Videovalvontaa, Roger, Verneri Lumi, Kris Kylven, Candy Darling, Flannelmouth, The Archangels, Office Building, Tuvalu, The Underdogs

other bands we have played with
and everyone who has helped us
and everyone who has bought our stuff, come to see our shows and stuck with us through the years
especially Lassi, Leavvedolgi, Heikki and Leena.

and finally... YOU - thank you for listening.

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